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Ownership Disclosure

 Orthopedic Physician Associates are committed to providing quality outpatient care to our community. Part of this commitment is their investment in Seattle Surgery Center, LLC. The following physicians have financial ownership in this facility: 

M. Kevin Auld, M.D.
Carl Basamania, M.D.
James Crutcher, M.D.
Michael McAdam, M.D.
Lawrence Holland, M.D.
Scott Hormel, M.D.
Sara Jurek, M.D.
Jason King, M.D.
Kevin Ko, M.D.
Brian Snitily, M.D.

Frederick Lee, M.D.
Laura Matsen Ko, M.D.
Martin Mankey, M.D.
Nicholas Seibert, M.D.
Sean Toomey, M.D.
Jason Wilcox, M.D.
E. Edward Khalfayan, M.D.
Eva Young, M.D.
Eric Pang, M.D.